Our Capabilities

Technical Experience

Solid Engineering, Development & Design, Consultancy and Deployment Teams. Expertise covering the ICT and ELV worlds.

Real Estate Experience

Speaks the RE language, Understands the Developer concerns, used to site/contracting environments

End to End Engagement

Positioning as Technology Partner. Pre deployment & Post deployment Activities. Single Point of Contact.

Strategic Alliances

Bringing many Value Partners to the Table (Infrastructure, ELV, E-Commerce, Billing, Operation, etc.)

Unique Solution

Living Platform, Open Standards, Pluggable, upgradable, Integratable

Proven Technology

References all over the region

Our Approach

  • Solution centric

    • HT focuses on custom made solutions to suit the client’s requirements and do not stick to any specific vendor.
    • All of our solutions are designed in UAE and products fit for the design sourced from EU

  • Proven client base

    • Established history of the parent company and their vast references are a testament of PT/HT commitment to client satisfaction and our delivery capability.
    • Having an established team of over 100 employees, we can deliver and commit to projects of small to large scale

  • Passionate / Driven / Committed

    • Our team is passionate to deliver what we promise and when we promise.
    • Passionate/Driven/Committed

  • Future proof

    • All the products and solutions we offer work with multiple protocols and multiple vendors ensuring the client is never tied down to one integrator for the life of the building.