Home Cinema

Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

Over the last decade the way we consume content has changed dramatically. We are continuously surrounded by smart devices – smart phones, smart televisions, we now extend this to smart home cinemas. Today we are able to create an unbelievable real life sound and visual experience in the comfort of your home. We offer everything from the unrivalled sound from Auro 3D to the Dolby Atmos systems which offer 3D surround sound to 5.1 surround sound systems.

Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing is a critical part of creating an exceptional home cinema. Your AV systems are only as good as the rooms they are installed in. At Hometech we offer exclusive sound proofing, noise absorption and vibration control. All our sound proofing treatments are from the US and customized to match any colour palette to complement your interiors.

Home Cinema – Trading

Hometech offers special prices for some of the best Home Cinema Kits in the market. Hometech can offer special prices for the below items:

Projector Screens – DT Screens & Steward Screens
Home Cinema Speakers – Bowers & Wilkins
Audio Processors – Trinnov & Integra
Home Cinema Projectors – Barco Home Cinema edition
Home Cinema Amplifiers – Rotel
Media Hubs – Kaleidescape, HD Wizards
Home Cinema Controllers – Crestron

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to build your dream Home Cinema